Friday, November 18, 2011

Itty bitty baking, big new layout!

So, I've been putting this off for a while, but finally I've gone and finished it! Itty Bitty Baker has a new blog, a new title, and some new information about the little lady (me!) who writes it.

I don't have any swanky pictures for this post, unfortunately, but I do have a question for you. Rhetorical, don't worry, no need to study! Have any of you delightful readers made your own chocolate? For those of you who said no, who might have even cringed in terror at the idea of melting chocolate...

What're you, chicken?

No, seriously. Let me share with you a tale of Itty Bitty Baker's culinary history. My mother has tried (in vain, for the most part) to influence me when it comes to cooking. Mostly this has failed, but in one manner, it hasn't: I love baking. And on top of baking? I love making flavored chocolate!

It's easy. It's practically fool-proof. And it's practically instilled in me. You see, every year around the holidays (like this time of the year!), whether we've fought nonstop the entire time or everything has gone as smooth as melted white chocolate, there are certain staples that have remained throughout the history of my family.

Making cookies, and candy, for Thanksgiving and Christmas, is a huge, huge tradition, and one I am quite honest to say I love to be relied on for. Before, Mom used to do this herself, but as of lately in the past couple years, it's befallen me and my sisters. And I do enjoy it, and I want to thank my mother for giving me that joy.

For you naysayers who're afraid of it, please. Look up a guide. Whether you use a double-broiler, or a microwave safe bowl and chocolate chips, melting chocolate is so, so easy. And so, so good.

Have you ever dipped plain popcorn into warm, gooey, melted chocolate?


Why don't you go do that, then. Believe me, it'll change your life. In the meantime... Stay tuned for some culinary baking marathons in the future.


  1. I will try dipping my popcorn in chocolate next time I make popcorn O:

  2. There is literally nothing better. ...except maybe flavoring the chocolate first with peanut butter oil.

    Word to the wise, though! When you flavor chocolate, be sure to use OIL, not extract. Extract, according to my Mom, will burn your eyebrows off. :C (or something less dramatic, I don't even know. But apparently it is a no no.)


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